Discover MY Apps 2013 by Microsoft and Makeweekend

Discover MY Apps 2014 gathered 120 developers over 36 hours to build software applications that can help the tourists to explore the many attractions that Malaysia has to offer. There were a total of 120 apps developed during the event organized by Microsoft, co-organised by Makeweekend.

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“We want to completely change the way that tourists buy travel packages. There are some huge opportunities to make it better,” said Kevin Francis, one of the team members of Wild Boar. Other apps such as the one built by team Virtual Guide, allows people to point their mobile phones at a particular monument such as KLCC and compare what the area used to look like before it was built.

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It was an intense on-going 36 hours of hacking pumped with redbulls and caffeine. There were mini challenges where every time a team hits a milestone in developing their apps, they get to enjoy VIP privilege which includes getting to order unlimited food and drinks from mamak or Starbucks.

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