Makeweekend Escape Disaster

disaster poster

26-27 October 2013

at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Kota Kinabalu

Fee: It’s absolutely free!


What is it about?

It’s pretty impressive how ready the people living in Malaysia’s East Coast are when it comes to natural disasters, but we also believe that a lot more can be done to improve that degree of preparedness and also to help those affected by disasters to recover faster.

We like to think of technological solutions (because we like apps and our gadgets), but there are occasions where technology doesn’t work to your advantage, and disasters being disasters, they normally don’t ask you how things are before they strike.

When disaster strikes, what will you do? How do you better prepare for natural disasters, deal with one while you’re right smack in the middle of it? More importantly, how do you recover from it?

What you can expect:

Makeweekend Escape Disaster is the biggest thing happening in Kota Kinabalu this October and we are challenging YOU to immerse yourself in a disaster for the weekend! You and a bunch of creative people will come up with new solutions and build something to help more people when disaster strikes.

How, and what kind of disaster, you might ask.

We’re in the midst of planning a disaster simulation that will make you feel like you’ve just entered an episode of “the Walking Dead”, maybe with some flooding and minor fires here and there.

It will be chaotic (as disasters normally are), and will be extremely challenging yet rewarding. You’ll get to meet new people and come up with implementable ways to help people (and perhaps yourself) deal with natural disasters better.

Unleash your spirit of adventure, come find out how your ideas can help save more lives. Register your interest now, and book your spot early!