Makeweekend Hack Your City

Makeweekend Hack Your City is about bringing people together to find ways to make Georgetown a better city for people. Today, cities are designed around infrastructure and businesses, such as automobiles, roads, and shopping complexes. Alleyways are an eyesore in many cities. However, these alleyways could be converted into spaces for all kinds of initiatives, such as a comfortable walking space, a sporting or gaming space, or a green space. Cities can sometimes come off as cold and impersonal. Makeweekend Hack Your City intends to change that.

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Penang is dotted with plenty of unused spaces that could potentially be turned into urban gardens, pop up office spaces, farmers’ markets, performance spaces, temporary art installations and more.

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The aim of the Hack Your City Make-a-thon is to empower citizens to take action in improving public spaces. We hope that people will take ownership of their city and by doing so, will be able to connect with their neighbourhood and solve their own problems. It is essentially a DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude that we hope to impart.

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