QR Code

Tan Yong Sung

“The problem I’m create the QR code it because sometimes I work start from morning till late night in my company. It takes me very late to get home to buy vegetables or anythings in the market to cook at home and I’m lazy to do it. The app is very cool. All I just needs to scan QR code in my camera and also I can use the QR code to collect point in the restaurant as well as walking at the hall way station, bus station, railway station, newspaper and Internet as well and just scan the QR items on the board I want to buy from the market and then click check out with my debit or credit cards and the delivery will send to your home immediately.
Furthermore, this app may take up to the next benefits level for our country to make it more advance application in the market store. And this is why I choose to create this app because it easy and simple”

To check the app out, click HERE!