TEDxKL Women ‘Money – Invented Here’

Ever wonder how the amazing women entrepreneurs made it? This is the place to go! TEDxKL Women ‘Money – Invented Here” will be happening at the Gardens Theatre, Level 6 The Gardens Mid Valley from 5 pm until 10.30 pm. This is the chance for you to reach out to the world and get creative with your ideas. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and know where you can and project yourself in front of a crowd. Get a chance to do networking with some of the people that have walked the path. TEDxKL will be the place where you will be inspired by engaging with different group of people. It is time to change your thoughts and start working on those ideas that could be an asset in the future.

You never know when our idea is actually good unless you test it out in a crowd. The struggles that entrepreneurs faces every single day may haunt them to be stagnant therefore why not attend this event to inspire yourself to think of the next steps to further your enterprise. Where is a great place to start, better yet here. It is time to start listening and gain from the experts. TEDxKL welcomes everyone to celebrate the art of entrepreneurships, innovation and all types of invention. ‘MONEY- Invented Here’ is specifically created to investigate and analyze the ways to gain financial success through our passion. How can we turn our ideas into something that is marketable? Find out more on how you can take your ideas to a bigger market from the esteem guest entrepreneur speakers.

Get a chance to listen to all of the strong female entrepreneur’s side of the story. You would not want to miss all of their details. It is a conference that you don’t want to miss at all!

Speakers: Tintoy Chuo & Take Huat (Peperangan Bintang: Star Wars in Wayang Kulit), Joanne Kam (Malaysia’s Funniest Woman), Rachel Koay (Queens Hostel, Penang), Samantha Lee (Adorable Food Art for Kid’s Meal), Melody Hossaini (The Apprentice UK 2011, Founder of InspirEngage), Sereni & Shentel (Headband Designers) and Chery Yeoh (Frounder of CityPockets).

Ticket Price:

Normal Price: RM 100 / Purchase at the door: RM 150

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Hotline: 011 2388 1807

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